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We are a group of building contractors located in the South African city of Parow . We provide the best building services in Parow . Inherently, we are a group of construction companies that specializes in house building among other building services.

Do you want the most cost effective ways of transforming your property, whether in building a new home or renovations? Well, we ideally offer and guarantee the most reliable and inexpensive building services for homes and businesses.

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In all our contracts, we focus most on utmost professionalism and clients’’ satisfaction. This is because of our modern and creative solutions to building activities based on the clients’ specifications.

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Specifically, some of the services we offer to our esteem clients are subsequently listed below:

Do you want a new home, kitchen or bathroom, or do you want a remodel (renovations) of the same? MJ Ltd will help you make the best decision on the cost estimates and on the best renovations and building options.

Well, is your home in need of serious bathroom renovations? We promise to give your bathroom a complete remodelling and give your bathroom a lease of life. We will provide updated tiles, finishers, décor and an expansive layout plan to your bathroom. Our builder ill work closely with the contractor to ensure smooth renovation services.

Construction Building Company

Our Kitchen renovation services will not disappoint you. Do you want your kitchen to look as good as new? Our company is here just for that! We offer the best kitchen designs to our customers giving the complete facelifts. Furthermore, we offer discounted kitchen installation services.

We also offer amazing home renovations that are relatively fast, tidy and affordable. To attain the best results during home renovations, we promise to absolutely understand your specific requirements to give you what you deserve.

Moreover, we are also privileged to be involved in the construction of new homes in most areas around Parow . As a certified house builder, we offer the best architectural and property development designs to our clients.

When you hire us as your contractor to facilitate your house building, we can assure you of value pride in our services. When building a house, we majorly focus on unique architectural designs that best suit your aspirations.

House Renovation

Our home builders majorly focuses on home remodelling and renovations to give your home a sophisticated look and at relatively cheap prices. As a group of building companies, we provide a variety of home building and maintenance services throughout Parow .

Ideally, we are the best painting contractors in Parow for residential and commercial clients at very affordable prices.

We have a team of competent professional painters who will attend to all your painting needs. We also do both exterior and interior home paintings, roof painting, restorations and water proofing and damp proofing.

As building contractors, we will surely help you from start to finish, will every aspect of building, construction and renovations.

Our general home and commercial building services are offered in all parts of Parow.

So why wait, call us today for the best building services offered at the most affordable prices.

Is A Design Build Contractor The Best Contractor For The Job

If you are considering working with a design and build contractor for a building project, you will need to understand how this process differs from other methods of completing a project. Traditionally, anyone who is interested in completing a building project would first need to find a qualified designer or architect to help them create necessary plans for the type of building they desire. Once the plans are complete and all details of the design have been worked out, the project is often sent out for bids from various contractors. These contractors will bid on the project according to the outlined plans and the job is typically awarded to the lowest bidder, or the one deemed most capable of delivering on time. However, when you hire a design and build contractor, you leave all of the work to this one entity and they oversee the entire project.

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The Benefits of Using a Design and Build Contractor

If we underwent heart surgery or any other major operation at the local hospital, it's a given that the surgeon is perfectly qualified to carry out the procedure. We'd probably have no reason to distrust anything that's going on.

Creating specific home renovations and building and structural work is a skillful practice. It's a disciplined, professional craft. And, just like any regulated profession, there are certain qualifications and benchmarks that will help prospective customers to help decide whether or not a builder or contractor is qualified and professional.

It's easy to be swayed by a builder's advert or seeing their van or truck with their name and contact details on it and feel that because they are 'in the business' that they are automatically credible and professional.